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Make the cut just at the base of the flowers.

} Sep 10, To help root lilac cuttings grow, you'll need a synthetic auxin rooting hormone that imitates the auxins found in the plant. Lilac cuttings will need. Feb 12, Collect softwood cuttings early in the morning during spring right after the lilac has flowered and when new growth is no more than 6 to 8 inches long. Test Fort Meade FL cutting. Jun 04, For potted lilacs, you just pop the Lilac out of the pot.

These in the photo really do need to be potted up, planted in the garden or divided and I opted for dividing. Grab a garden knife and slice through the entire root mass between the center rooted cutting and.

Oct 23, Take your lilac cuttings on a fine spring morning when the temperature of the climate is low and the plant has just finished flowering. Remember to use a sterilized pruning shear or knife to do the cutting. This is necessary to avoid infesting the plant with diseases coming from an unsterilized shear and you should also use gloves when doing this. Sep 21, Take softwood cuttings from the lilac tree during the morning, when the bush is still well-hydrated.

Lilacs are low-maintenance bushes, but the paybacks are huge. Lilac bushes can live for many years, as evidenced by the lilac bushes that surround old rural homesteads.

Taking cuttings from lilac bushes, Fort Meade FL

Wipe pruners or a sharp knife with rubbing alcohol to kill any bacteria. Jun 10, Nip off the long stems. Take a look at your lilac bush or tree and assess whether there are any extra-long but healthy-looking stems that need to be cut back. Doing so will help the lilac keep its pretty shape. The process of cutting back the stems a bit is called tipping K.

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