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Sep 21, Plant a lilac cutting in each container, with the bare stem approximately 3 inches deep in the soil.

You will need to harden the cuttings off before you plant them.

Water each container thoroughly to settle the potting mixture around the lilac cuttings. Place each container in a zip-lock bag, and place the containers in indirect stumpfalling.pwg: Tavares FL.

Apr 08, Starting lilac bush from a cutting # Asked April 08,PM EDT About a month ago I cut back a very mature lilac bush in my Minneapolis yard and my wife saved a few of the cuttings and stuck them in a pail of stumpfalling.pwg: Tavares FL.

Feb 09, This video shows how-to propagate a lilac bush from a cutting. I actually show two types of lilac as well as two types of propagation. This video shows the w Missing: Tavares FL. Jun 04, To plant your freshly dug lilac sucker in the ground, dig a hole deep enough, loosen up the soil some by digging around with your shovel.

Place your lilac sucker or shoot into the hole and fill back with the loose soil. Gently firm it in with your foot. Water it in well.

Keep your fresh planted lilac watered until it is stumpfalling.pwg: Tavares FL. Feb 12, Poke a hole into the rooting medium that's large enough to accommodate the bottom half of each cutting. Dip the ends of the cuttings in water and then into rooting Missing: Tavares FL.

Starting lilacs, however, is not as simple as planting a basic seed; lilacs are most successful at rooting if you take a new shoot from a large, established lilac bush and plant it in your stumpfalling.pwg: Tavares FL.

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