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This bush grows 5 feet tall and 5 feet wide.

May 09, As an added bonus, plumbago is the larval host plant for the cassius blue butterfly. These shrubs bloom year-round in South and Central Florida unless hit by frost.

In North Florida, plumbago flowers from spring to fall. Plumbago will be damaged by a freeze, but quickly recovers. Salvia guaranitica is one of the many blue salvias on the market. One great-performing cultivar is ‘Black and. Lovely sapphire-blue berries in the fall. Appreciate them before the birds devour them! Autumn Berries: Viburnums. Viburnums are among the best shrubs for fall color and autumn berries, rivaling hollies for the honor. Some viburnums are best for spring bloom and fragrance, these below are.

Sep 21, Identify the shrubs by looking at the berry color. The sapphire berry shrub (Symplocos paniculata) produces sapphire-blue berries in fall, the elderberry (Sambucus candadensis) bears large clusters of deep-purple fruits, the northern prickly ash (Xanthoxylum americanum) produces small reddish-brown berries from August until October, and the inkberry holly has tiny black berries in.

Description - Native shrub or small tree to 20 feet or more in south Florida, more commonly feet. Narrow crown, taller than broad, slender trunk and branches with thin, pale grey bark. Leaves are a shiny dark green above, paler dull green below, elliptic, alternate, inches long, margins entire. Dec 08, Its leathery, holly-like leaves appear red in spring before turning green in summer and then turning deep burgundy in the fall. The small ornamental evergreen plant is excellent for creating shady borders.

The common name of this shrub comes from the clusters of blue berries that look like bunches of grapes. Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis). Scientific Name: Cornus sericea. This species of dogwood, is a deciduous shrub, which grows m tall, and m wide. Its branches and twigs are dark red, and the dark green leaves are opposite, and ovate to oblong shape. The flowers are small dull white, and appear in clusters, which are followed by white berries.

Blue Porterweed. This shrub is excellent for attracting butterflies to your garden. It can easily grow to be about three feet tall, and it seems to grow best when it gets full sun. They need well-drained soil and water occasionally when the ground is dry. Coontie (Zamia pumila) This plant is a slow-growing shrub that resembles a small palm tree.

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