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} Feb 03, Mulch helps retain soil moisture, protects plants, and inhibits weed growth. It gives your landscape a neat, uniform appearance and is a great Florida-Friendly choice for hard-to-mow areas and shady spots. Keep a 2- to 3-inch-deep layer of mulch on plant beds. Always leave at least 2 inches of space around tree trunks to prevent rot. Organic mulch is more beneficial to trees than inorganic because as the organic mulch decomposes, it allows for soil microorganism growth in addition to the following benefits: Allows the soil to retain water and nutrients Minimizes evaporation and soil erosion.

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May 26, Utility mulch is sold or given away for free by many utility companies. This mulch comes from trimming trees and other plants that get in the way of power lines but be aware that it can come with weed seeds.

Cypress mulch is composed of both wood and bark. Cypress trees, which grow in Florida’s forested wetlands, are often harvested for lumber, and used in fencing, flooring, furniture.

Perhaps most importantly, it is the cornerstone of a great weed-control program. Mulch keeps the soil moist longer after irrigation, too. This gives plant roots extra time to soak up water. Mulch also protects plants' roots from extreme temperatures by creating a buffer between the soil and the air. Jan 16, University of Florida IFAS recommends using a 2- to 3-inch layer of mulch underneath established trees. The practice you are seeing is called"volcano" mulching and it is not healthy for the tree.

Free Mulch. More than tons of tree debris and pallets is chipped into mulch and given free to Alachua County residents each year. Alachua County citizens are allowed as much mulch as is available at the time of their request on a first-come first-serve basis. Please call, to confirm that mulch is available before visiting. Mulch reduces weeds, conserves moisture and improves the soil, which helps your tree stay healthy!

But when it comes to mulch, it is possible to have too much of a good thing. Piling mulch too high and covering a tree's trunk, also known as “volcano mulching” can cause decay. Problems Caused by Mulch That’s Too Thick Around Trees.

In areas of deep shade, turfgrass and ornamental plants won't thrive.

When mulch is too high and sits too close to a tree’s trunk, it causes two main issues that can slowly damage your tree over time.

Problem: Too much mulch Missing: Gainesville FL. Mulch helps soil retain moisture by preventing evaporation. This means less watering for mulched areas and less chance of the soil drying out.

A layer of mulch over sandy or sloped areas will also Missing: Gainesville FL.

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