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Keep plants three - four feet away from the foundation to increase air circulation.

Sep 18, Mulch Does Not Attract Termites. Termites can sometimes be found in mulch beds, as can many other insects live in the soil, but mulch does not attract termites. The chances of you buying a bag of mulch that is termite-infested are extremely stumpfalling.pws: 1. Oct 22, 1 – Termite Resistant Mulch. Thankfully, not all mulch attracts termites equally.

When you come across any of these signs, tap the wall with your screwdriver or knife.

Different types of mulch are made from different ingredients, some of which won’t be of interest to or may even help repel termites. Cypress sapwood, white birch, and types of pine are more favorable to termites. By contrast, eucalyptus wood, red cypress Estimated Reading Time: 5 mins. Therefore, while mulch doesn’t attract termites or cause a termite colony to take up residence and grow, it does make it easier for them if all other circumstances are favorable.

Moreover, having mulch, or any other organic matter, next to your home’s foundation provides a barrier that can make it more difficult to detect these unwanted visitors until extensive damage has been stumpfalling.pwted Reading Time: 8 mins. Mulch is one of the most popular tools in any gardener or garden company’s arsenal, but it’s not without its risks. One of the most common questions people ask is “does mulch attract termites?” There are different kinds of mulch and different ways that you can use it.

Tea tree mulch is known to repel termites, sandflies, and midgies, but it is friendly to the earthworms that are so beneficial for your soil. It has a pleasant, clean, astringent smell that makes your garden fresh and fragrant. And it disintegrates more slowly than some other mulches (up to a full year on the soil).

A. Termites – also known as subterranean termites – are soil-dwelling insects that require even soil moisture and protection from temperature extremes to thrive. You may be surprised to learn that pea gravel and river rock used as mulch near buildings are just as likely to support termites. Aug 27, Cedar Mulch – Resin from cedar heartwood is toxic to termites. Cedar mulch can also deter cockroaches, odorous house ants, and other insects.

Cypress Mulch – Heartwood makes cypress a termite-resistant mulch. It also has anti-fungal properties and a slow rate of decay. Be sure your cypress mulch doesn’t contain sapwood.

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