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This plant is sometimes confused with Hydrangea macrophylla because of their similar flowers.

} In conclusion, you don’t have to cut back hydrangeas. If you do, it is dependent upon what type of growth you are cutting.

Old-growth has bark that is layered and dry looking.

Unpruned stems still produce new blossoms; they are just at the ends of taller stems.

Its stems are also stiff and rigid. This type of growth should be cut before it grows its buds for the following year.

You should cut it immediately after they stumpfalling.pwted Reading Time: 7 mins. Nov 12, 1. Blue Hydrangeas don’t get cut down in the fall.

Truth be told, in most situations you can get away with doing your garden tasks whenever you get around to them.

If you do prune them back “to neaten them up” or “make them shorter” you’ll have fewer flowers next year but the plants will be just as tall. Mophead or lacecaps that get cut back will grow a green dome of foliage on the top and only a few flowers around the middle and bottom, as shown in the photo stumpfalling.pwted Reading Time: 4 mins.

Nov 19, To renew a hydrangea that you don't regularly cut back, prune out one-third of the stems at the base -- selecting stems evenly across the plant -- each year for three years. Prune in the. Aug 17, Short answer? Not too much! But we know that this answer isn’t very helpful to people who wonder if they should cut them back or trim off the dried flowers.

So here is what you need to know as your hydrangeas move from summer into fall.

1. If you want to pick the blue or pink flowers for drying, late-August and early-September is the time to do so! Cut those flowers that have already Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins. Oct 24, Hydrangeas that bloom on new wood require pruning in late winter or early spring. Prune to shape, cutting back to about two feet. The pruning promotes new, sturdy growth, which provides the blooms next season. There are two varieties in our area that bloom on new wood. Sep 17, Yes, it’s better to transplant in the fall or spring but as long as you water transplanting in the summer is usually successful.

And as far as fall cleanup goes, if you’re in the mood to cut back the perennials or annuals this week, in most cases you won’t do any harm. Aug 20, You can cut back all the stems by 1/3 in the winter.

Pruning at this time will help the shrub produce bigger, showier flowers. However, many gardeners like their hydrangeas to have smaller flowers on sturdier stems. If this is your preference, do your pruning in the fall instead, to allow the plants to grow strong branches before K.

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