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The mulch should be laid about 2 to 3 inches thick and.

} Oct 18, What to do about tree damage to carat an apartment complex? Approximately 3 huge tree branches fell on my car over 3 weeks ago. Initially the property manager accepted liability and assured me that they would pay for all damages; there was no need to worry, “We are stump grind it, Fort Lauderdale FL to take care of you.” They took multiple pictures of everything.

Oct 10, Submit a claim to the apartment building's insurance policy. Let them work out who has to pay. If you end up paying a deductible, you could ask that the apartment insurer reimburse you, or sue in small claims court.

This will not be resolved overnight. You should try to get one or both insurers to pay for a rental car. Nov 29, There isn't. TJ is right, it would fall under the 'act of god' category just like if it were to happen in a parking lot at Wal-Mart. I used to work for an apartment that once had a tree fall through the roof of an apartment. Like, straight into the kids bedroom (thankfully, no one was home). Oct 19, My car was crushed by a tree in the parking lot of my apartment complex Elfers FL a snow storm.

I recently had a tree branch fall on my car at an apartment complex while visiting a friend. My car insurance won''t cover the damages because I only have liability. The 50 bucks I spent with you solved my problem. Tony Apopka, FL. Tree fell on car in Apartment complex.

Although trees may not seem like a priority, they are actually very important to consider when thinking about property value, energy costs, and environmental wellbeing.

Hi, So a few weeks ago I was parked in my sisters apartment complex while we took her car to the park with her kids. When we came back there was a giant tree branch that snapped and landed on my car, caving in the roof and denting it all over the place. My insurance covered the rest of what I owed on the car. Apr 02, I am not a FL lawyer, but the general rule is that owner of trees are only responsible for falling limbs (or falling trees) if they have prior notice of a dangerous condition of the tree.

I can't resist mentioning that a neighbor's tree once fell on my car in my driveway and flattened it. The tree was dead and was obviously rotten before it fell.

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